Barrel Lock and Key

for locking off  a water, gas or electric utility meters, wing valves or boxes.

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The barrel lock, key, adjustable end cap, square can bracket and retainer are protected under one or more US Patents.

Meterguard's stainless steel barrel lock and key system was

designed exclusively for the water, gas and electric utilities.

Locking a wide variety of meters, wing valves, curb stops, boxes,

enclosures, vaults and other devices, has never been easier.

A proprietary key is required to open and remove the barrel lock.

(keys are not available on ebay or the web)

The unique key is almost impossible to duplicate

and lock removal without this special tool is impossible.

The key clamps tite to the inner diameter of the barrel lock;

this unitizing effect greatly facilitates installation and removal.


Barrel Lock

Key / tool to operate a Meterguard barrel lock.
Barrel lock for water utilities, stainless steel.
Water meter barrel lock with tapered head.



Barrel Lock


End Cap


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Meterguard's barrel lock can withstand the harshest environments. and still operate.

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Square Can

Barrel lock for locking off a water meter.
End cap for barrel lock. Beveled ends, stainless steel.
Key to operate a Meterguard barrel lock.
Meterguard barrel lock intalled on a water utility valve.
Barrel lock and Key.
Locking off water, gas or electric utility meters, wing valves or boxes.